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Features of the exhibitions of industrial and retail light


Last year, at Light Middle East 2016, Alpaca Expo Group designed and delivered the project for Cinmar company.

We would like to share some features regarding exhibition stand delivery for such kind of shows:

- the build-up period of the exhibition stand is reduced, due to the needs for product installation by the customer, as usually it is a big number of built-in lamps
- to show all the advantages of the exhibited products, all the materials and colors of the stand finishing must be carefully selected to show main features of the customer's equipment. This could be reached as a result of long and careful common work with the customer.
- the exhibition stand should be made clearly according to the drawings, no any single centimeter aside, since the client uses the same drawings to place the products.
- many exhibitions do not have a general hall lighting during the show for the reason to inlight the customer's product, so the correct illumination of the logo and the main stand elements should be highly thought out.
- build-up schedule is a mandatory option, because of presence of two independent worker teams on the stand: stand contractor's menpower and the customer's technical team for the light installation.


Aug. 16, 2017
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